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Pastor Jeff Rogers


There’s more than corn in Indiana. Pastor Jeff can tell you that first hand, because he is from Indiana. He grew up in Shelbyville, (also home town of the fictitious Winter Solder Bucky Barnes). Jeff became a Christian when he was in high school, and he was called into the ministry a few weeks later.


Following Jesus has been a great adventure for Jeff and has led him to Ohio (where he graduated from Ohio Christian University with a BA in Christian Ministry), Mississippi (where he graduated from Wesley Biblical Seminary with a Master of Divinity and youth pastored some really awesome teens), and now Pennsylvania. He has even gone to Honduras! He got really, really sick in Honduras and probably will never go back. Don’t ask. The less you know, the better.


Jeff likes 80’s music, board games, comic books, cookies/brownies/cakes/donuts, and spending time with his wife Shelley and their two kids Evelyn and Jeffrey. He thinks they are all really great.


Pastor Jeff is passionate about teaching others who God is and what He has done and how the Bible relates to our everyday lives.


Pastor Jeff has been at Sandhill church since September 2016. He knows that God has big things in store for this church, and wants to invite you to come see what God is doing here.



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